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13 Feb Zero vs Energica
Ivan Donn 8 11263
There’s no doubt that Zero and Energica are the world’s leading manufacturers of electric, enthusiast motorcycles but that’s about all these two brands have in common.HistoryZero was established in Santa Cruz, California in 2006, initially making off..
06 Jan What makes the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee special?
Ivan Donn 6 6894
With the launch of Sur-Ron's Ultra Bee in 2023 we take a look at what makes it so special. The Sur-Ron LBX has been the UK’s top selling electric motorcycle for around three years, albeit that this feat is rarely recognised by an industry that’s focu..
12 Sep Sur-Ron LBX vs Talaria Sting
Ivan Donn 16 24423
When the Sur-Ron LBX launched in August 2019 it defined a new category of the super lightweight, electric motocross bike, filling a niche between mountain e-bikes and traditional petrol motocross bikes. Weighing in at just 57 kg but with 6kW peak pow..
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