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Sur-Ron Ultra Bee X Off-Road
Registered/Delivered in 24 Hours
JAN: £5,999
Key Specifications Price/Speed/Equivalent Cost Per Mile £5,999.00 56 mph 2p Range 50 miles 35 miles 40miles Removable Battery 4 kWh 4 hours Height/Weight 85 kg 910 mm Warranty 18m / 20k miles 18m / 20k milesNew for 2023, the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee is the third motorcycle to be launched by this highly innovative, market leading manufacturer of off-road motorcycles.Weighing just 85 kg (inc. battery) the Ultra Bee sits between the hugely popular LBX and the much larger Storm motocross model. The Ultra Bee delivers 12.5kW of peak power and a staggering 440Nm of torque from its 4th generation, permanent magnet motor. Power is courtesy of a 74 Volt, 4kW battery, which provides a nominal range of over 40 off-road miles and up to 50 miles of urban riding.The increased power sees 30 mph come up in just 2.3s, with 50 mph arriving just three seconds later, before topping-out at 56 mph. Keeping this performance in check is SRTC (Sur-Ron Traction Control system), which op..
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