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Vmoto - 55 mph Maxi Scooters

Vmoto - CPx Dual Battery
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JAN: £3,199 Location: HP from £95.67 p/m x 36, £350 deposit, Apr 10.9%
Key Specifications Price/Speed/Equivalent Cost Per Mile £3,199.00 HP from £95.67 p/m x 36,£350 deposit, Apr 10.9%Online quote 56 mph 1.2p Range 80 miles 60 miles 70 miles Removable Battery 5.4 kWh 9 hours Height/Weight 153kg 760 mm Warranty 2 years 3 yearsLaunched in September 2020, the Vmoto CPx Dual Battery is a supremely comfortable electric maxi scooter with a hub motor that produces 4kW of continuous power and is capable of a top speed of 56 mph. The range from its 2x 2.7kwh (5.4 kWh) Lithium-Ion batteries is around 80 miles in urban settings. Batteries are supplied with a class-leading four year warranty, which equates to 1,500 charging cycles and can be fully recharged in around 8 hours.Weighing in at 153 kgs, the Vmoto CPx Dual Battery accelerates effortlessly due to its hub motor's 125 ft lbs of torque, and pulls up quickly courtesy of its two lever, linked braking system that employs 180mm front and rear discs.It offers a range of great f..
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